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Bang for your Buck - Marketing Package thru NARI
Bang for your Buck

Marketing Package #4 - Complete Inbound Marketing Package

$975 ( one package per year, per member)

Member Industry Relevant Blog + Email + Paid Social Media Promotion Package

  • 1000 word blog featuring member relevant topic on Austin NARI website (fully crafted, original content +  image blog post content including SEO meta tags).
  • The topic will be remodeling Industry and member relevant highlighting the member via copy or in imagery.
  • Member co-owns rights to this content and can post on their own website as well.
  • Member will receive reports on the newsletter and boosted ad results.
  • 1 Email newsletter (promoting/driving traffic to blog with member highlighted in imagery or banner at bottom of page)
  • 2 Crafted Social Media Posts + BOOSTING to promote member & drive traffic to blog on Post / Boost
12 packages available per calendar year
Contact Information
phone: (512) 375-2601
Austin NARI - TX